Generating autoload_classmap.php files in Zend Framework 2

Application speed is a critical subject which gets worse as your site experiences more users. Even if you’re running your application on a super-server, it’s going to be much quicker and more cost effective to optimise your website first.

One way to help optimise your website (if you’re running a Zend Framework 2 application) is to use the class map autoloader. This helps to increase your website’s speed by not having to load your class by changing strings about using the namespace given. For something as simple as loading a class, there’s a much better way of going about it: the class map autoloader.

To automatically generate your class map files, we’re going to use the classmap_generator.php file which comes shipped with Zend Framework 2. I’ve created a great little one-liner for you:

for module in $(ls module); do; php vendor/bin/classmap_generator.php -l module/$module; done;

which can be run in the main directory of your Zend Framework 2 project.

Within your Module.php file within each module, find the getAutoloaderConfig() method and ensure you have entered the class map autoloader configuration. You’ll find something like this:

And should replace it with this:

And that’s it! You should now be using class map autoloading.

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