Setting up a LAMP server on AWS EC2

Amazon Web Services have grown quite rapidly over the last few years. This is why they’re generally the most popular scalable hosting that large companies use to ensure their applications are up and running with no pitfalls.

Amazon provide something called ‘free tier’ so you can get started straight away and get stuck in. Go ahead, set up an account and have a play about. It’s free for the first year, either cancel your account after before that point or, if you’ve gotten far enough, it’s pretty cheap anyway.

Once you’re logged in via SSH, use the following commands to set up your LAMP server. Please read the code line by line to ensure you have copied and pasted every command in correctly, and that you understand what each one does (using the helpful comments).

This code will install a simple LAMP server on AWS installing PHP 5.5, MySQL, Intl, Git, APC and ElasticSearch.

If you’re looking for specific packages to install, take a look at Amazon’s package list:┬á


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