Installing WordPress via the command line

I found myself having to create more and more WordPress websites after clients would specifically ask for ‘a WordPress website’. Although WordPress is built as a blogging tool, it can be used as a very simple content management system (without too much customisation in the back end). After installing WordPress manually for the seventh time, […]

Watermarking images using PHP

My girlfriend recently started a photography business. I found herĀ uploading her photos to Facebook or her website with her logo in the bottom right of the image. She would use Photoshop to do this manually but the work really started when there were quite a few photos to do this to. I know there are […]

How to use Ack – Beyond grep

I was first introduced to ack when working for a small web agency in the south by a guy called Stuart. I remember him explaining it as “it’s much faster than grep, but that’s because it cheats”. This article will show you how to use ack as well as the useful flags available to speed […]